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 Majority of our cakes are available for walk-in purchase - No pre-order needed.* 
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*Gluten "Friendly" and Smash Cake are only available with a 3 day pre-order minimum.
We also have individual cake slices available from our freezer! We recommend our Non-Frozen cake option if the cake will be served right away. Every one of our specialty items are extraordinary!
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Swiss Black Forest - Our Specialty!

Three layers of chocolate cake filled with a light chocolate mousse and whipped cream. Iced with whipped cream and milk chocolate shavings. White chocolate shavings are also available, ONLY UPON...

White Bavarian

Three layers of white cake filled with Bavarian cream with thin layers of raspberry jam, iced with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings.(LEMON UPON REQUEST ONLY)  Our Seasonal Small Rectangle...


Three layers of dark chocolate cake filled and iced with layers of boiled chocolate and cream, similar to fudge.  Add a personal touch to your cake by adding a Greeting or Topper: Greetings –...

German Chocolate

Three layers of chocolate cake filled with the traditional filling of ground walnuts and coconut.  Add a personal touch to your cake by adding a Greeting or Topper: Greetings – Our chocolate bar banner...

Carrot Cake

Two layers of carrot cake filled with cream cheese, raisins, nuts and coconut. To ensure the flavor and integrity of our carrot cake, we cannot alter the ingredients. Add a personal...

White Bavarian with Fresh Strawberries (seasonal)

Three three layers of vanilla cake, with two Bavarian cream fillings and two layers of fresh strawberry slices. Iced with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings. Add a personal touch to your cake by...

Gluten "Friendly" Vanilla Ganache *

Vanilla Cake with 2 fillings of dark chocolate ganache. Iced with whipped cream, milk chocolate shaving on sides & white chocolate shavings on top.  * Please note: 3 day minimum...

Baby Gender Reveal

What will it be? Boy or Girl? Open to see! Announce the gender of your baby in a fun and delicious way! Drop off a sealed enveloped from your doctor,...

Smash Cake *

Two thin layers of cake with a thin filling of chocolate mousse. Iced with whipped cream and milk or white chocolate shavings. *PLEASE NOTE: 3 day minimum preorder. We will do...