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Dream Come True Wedding Cakes


Here at European Cake Gallery we understand the importance of your wedding day and believe that such an important celebration deserves a very special cake. We take great pride in making each and every one of our wedding cakes perfect for your special day! 
Complimentary Wedding Cake Tastings 

We offer WALK IN Wedding Cake Tasting. That way we have flexibility for our engaged couples. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! 

TASTING HOURS: TUESDAY - SATURDAY 9am - 3pm. We are closed Sunday and Monday, but we do offer Wedding Cake Services on closed days when you order for DELIVERY. NO PICK UPS available on closed days

  • We highly recommend our white chocolate shavings instead of a design in whipped cream. It adds an extra dimension of flavor and will look lovelier.

  • Cakes without shavings are considered custom designed and are made with whipped cream. NO FOUNDANT will be used. An exact duplication of pictures cannot be guaranteed because of this.

  • We recommend that your florist add fresh flowers for a lovely & unique look - cream flowers tend to change color.

  • The pillars that separate the tiers are disposable – no need to return them.

  • You can place your order at any time, the sooner you order the best availability.

  • Delivery charges start at $35.00 and increase with the distance. Let us show you how easy it is to have the cakes picked up (in a closed vehicle). 

All of our wedding cakes consist of 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling. Cakes are iced with whipped cream and can have chocolate shavings on the outside if desired.


We offer the following selections:
Swiss Black Forest - Our Specialty!
A chocolate filled cake with a light chocolate mousse and whipped cream.
White Bavarian Raspberry
White cake filled with Bavarian cream and thin layers of raspberry jam.
Carrot Cake
Filled with cream cheese, raisins, nuts and coconut. To insure the flavor and integrity of our carrot cake, we cannot alter the ingredients.
German Chocolate
Traditional filling of ground walnuts and coconut.
Dark chocolate cake with layers of boiled chocolate and cream, similar to fudge.

          Be sure to check out our past Wedding Cake designs captured by True Photography and get wedding ideas and inspiration! 

          Wedding Cake Pricing and Servings Breakdown 

          Gluten Friendly Extra (30% per tier) 

          Sizes (Inches) Servings Shaved Chocolate Smooth Design
          6x8 30-40 $105 $145
          6x10 50-65 $160 $210
          6x8x10 70-90 $230 $310
          6x8x12 90-110 $300 $370
          6x10x12 110-140 $350 $425
          6x8x10x12 130-155 $420 $525
          6x10x14 160-185 $460 $570
          6x8x12x14 200-240 $600 $710
          6x8x10x12x14 240-280 $720 $810
          6x8x12x16 250-290 $770 $880
          6x10x12x16 260-300 $830 $970
          6x12x14x16 335-395 $1,000 $1,145
          6x10x14x18 360-410 $1,120 $1,300
          6x10x12x14x16 375-425 $1,120 $1,345
          6x8x12x16x18 450-510 $1,435 $1,635
          6x8x12x16x20 490-550 $1,645 $1,875
          6x10x14x18x20 600-680 $1,995 $2,295
          6x8x10x12x14x16x18x20 850-1000 $2,790 $3,100


          Individual Cake Breakdown

          Individual Cake Shavings Price Design Butter Cream Flowers Crown of Flowers
          6" (10-15 servings)  $45  $60  $5  $10
          8" (20-30 servings)  $65  $90   $6  $15
          10" (40-50 servings)  $120  $160  $7  
          12" (60-70 servings)  $190  $315  $8  
          14" (110-130 servings)  $295  $360   $9  
          16" (155-180 servings)  $475  $595   $10  
          18" (200-220 servings)  $665   $755   $11  
          20" (240-260 servings)  $875  $990  $12  


          We require 2 weeks notice of any changes from your original order and a minimum of $50 will held for cancellations. A deposit of 33% is due when ordering and the balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding. We do not accept credit cards but we are happy to accept your check if received 2 weeks prior to your event. Payments made after must be made in cash or money order.


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